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How Long Will My Raleigh, NC Deck Remodel Take?

Remodeling your deck is a great way to increase home value, decrease safety risks, and provide an outdoor space for entertainment. A typical deck remodel can be completed in a fairly short amount of time, but this is heavily dependent on the size of your project. Oak City Remodeling is a highly skilled deck remodeler in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and will take into account your needs when it comes to this next big step for your home.


I. Factors That Influence Project Length

Planning ahead for your next remodeling project in Raleigh, NC is a great way to ensure that you are prepared for what’s to come during the remodeling process. This is the first major step of your remodeling journey and has great potential of setting the pace for the rest of the remodeling process.


Planning for your deck remodel may include creating a list of goals and priorities for your project, outlining specific functions you wish your deck to fulfill, and choosing the right contractor in the Raleigh area to carry out the job. It is also important to consider how you’d like the space to be used and how it will function around your lifestyle. At Oak City Remodeling, we will help you with these important beginning steps so that your mind is at ease during the remodeling process.

Project Review

Project review involves outlining the scope of work necessary for your deck remodel project and includes time allotted for Oak City Remodeling to get your project ready for construction. Depending on the size of your deck project, the time frame for this step could vary. For larger or more complex decks, you might expect this step to take a bit longer in order for us to finalize project details.


Budgeting is an essential step to the beginnings of the deck remodeling process as costs can add up very quickly — especially if you run into unforeseen issues during the remodeling process. As a general rule of thumb, setting aside 20% of your total budget for unexpected costs is a great way to prepare for the remodeling process. Taking the time to plan for contingencies will not only make the process easier if something were to go wrong, but it will also ease any uncertainty about the total cost of your project. At Oak City Remodeling, we offer free estimates which can make planning and budgeting for your next project much easier as you will have a better idea of what to expect cost-wise.


When it comes to design, there are many options for a deck. Some aspects of the design process that you may consider include the number of stairs, layout, shape, and add-ons. Some add-ons may include built-in seating, a pergola, or multiple stairways. It is important to outline the priorities for the design of your deck so that it may create a more functional space for you, or even guests. Keeping a list of these priorities will make it easier for your contractor to understand what it is you’d like to see in the finished product. At Oak City Remodeling, we offer a design-build delivery method where we provide in-house design services. Our purpose for offering this service is to help homeowners every step of the way during the design process and make their visions come to life.


Permitting in Raleigh, NC may take anywhere between 2 weeks to a month to complete depending on the size of the project. Permitting starts with an application to the city of Raleigh that outlines the scope of work and is where contractors provide their credentials to complete your project. The application must go through different phases of review before the permit is issued.

Ordering and Inspecting Materials

Ordering and inspecting materials also has the potential to lengthen the planning process for your deck remodel. Material can take up to 2 months to be delivered, depending on what is being ordered. This step also includes the inspection of material to ensure it is free of defects and that it is the correct item.

II. Processes and Time Frames

Below is an overview of the remodeling process for a typical deck remodel. Keep in mind, each step may vary in time length. Variation in length of completion may be due to prolonged inspections, delay in material arrival, or encountering unanticipated issues. In addition, the project length can vary depending on how extensive the project is. For example, a deck remodel can be more for the purpose of providing a small and simple outdoor space whereas another one may be a remodel that involves multiple add-ons and a complex plan. Ultimately, keeping in mind that every deck and every project is different is important during the remodeling process. 

  • Demolition: 1 day

    This step involves taking apart the existing deck and taking care of any repairs that need to be done on the actual house.

  • Foundation: 1-2 days

    This step involves digging the footings for the deck and pouring in the concrete. The purpose of footings is to distribute the load from the deck onto the soil, provide support, and prevent the deck from sinking. This step must be done correctly in order to pass the city of Raleigh’s inspection.

  • Inspection for Foundation: 1-3 days

    This step involves the inspection of the foundation installation from the previous step. This step may take longer because inspections work in accordance with the city inspectors’ availability.

  • Rough framing: 1-2 days

    During this step, the general floor system is framed and the deck gets attached to the house. The stair steps are also framed during this step. If you wish to have lighting on your deck, it is after this step that Oak City Remodeling will hire a licensed electrician to come and install any lighting or receptacles that you’d like.

  • Rough framing inspection: 1-3 days

    This step involves the inspection of the rough framing. This step may take longer because inspections work in accordance with the city inspectors’ availability.

  • Decking: 1-2 days

    Decking consists of the installation of the decking boards. Types of decking board include regular treated deck boards, kiln dried, or composite decking.

  • Handrails: 1-2 days

    This step involves building and installing the handrails. The length of this step may vary depending on the size of your deck.

  • Final Inspection: 1-3 days

    This is the final step of the process where the city inspector comes out and assesses the floor system, flashing, handrails, and steps. This step may take longer because inspections work in accordance with the city inspectors’ availability.

 Ultimately, on the lower end, a deck remodel can be complete in just about 1 week whereas a more in-depth remodel can take as long as 3 weeks. As a general contractor, Oak City Remodeling hires only professional and punctual subcontractors that specialize in their respective trades. As for deck remodels, we are usually the ones who take up most of the work and little to none of it is taken care of by subcontractors. We value punctuality, professionalism, and realistic time frames for each project. At Oak City Remodeling, we are also licensed and receive permits for each specific job. This is important when it comes to inspections because only quality work will pass a city inspection.

III. How We Can Help

Although remodeling your Raleigh, NC deck may spark feelings of apprehension, it is important to remember that it is a great investment that will not only add value to your home, but will also provide you with a relaxing outdoor space suitable for guests. There are many different reasons to remodel your deck like increasing safety or for increased entertainment space. Whatever these reasons may be, we are ready to turn them into a reality. At Oak City Remodeling, we are committed to providing a timely and unique experience to our clients. We can assure you that your deck remodel will be taken care of in a proper time frame that fits your needs.

Did you know Oak City Remodeling offers free estimates? Start planning for your next project by clicking the button below to receive your free estimate today. We hope to see you soon and deliver you the deck of your dreams.



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