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What Makes a High-Quality Bathroom Remodel in Raleigh, NC?

So, you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, but aren’t quite sure of the difference between a low and high-quality bathroom remodel. There are a number of reasons why investing in a high-quality remodel is better for you and for your home in the long run. From beginning decisions such as choosing the right contractor to adding in the finishing touches, the smallest decisions can add much more value to your home during a remodel. At Oak City Remodeling, we specialize in home remodels in the Raleigh, NC area and we aim to make the remodeling process as smooth and beneficial for you and your home as possible.


I. Choosing the Right Contractor:

What to Look For:

Online Presence. When it comes to choosing the right contractor, it’s a good practice to consider their online presence. When a contractor puts effort into their digital profile, it shows their dedication to not only their company, but also your experience. Choosing contractors with an already-established digital presence also eases the process of choosing a contractor by a great amount.

Portfolio. A contractor’s portfolio is a large indicator of their performance and skills when it comes to the researching process. They allow you to gain an understanding of the type of work they do in an easily digestible format. Through portfolios, you can ultimately decide if that specific contractor’s work is what you would like to see in your home.

Professionalism. This is one of the key characteristics every contractor should have and every client should look for. A professional contractor will consistently and promptly communicate with you, be transparent, and respect your choices, while also giving honest and credible advice and information. Oak City Remodeling believes that a high-quality remodel should be supplemented first and foremost with client care. Additionally, all of our work is permitted and inspected throughout the remodeling process. Only quality work will pass an inspection, which means your bathroom will be in safe hands. 

Researching Contractors in Raleigh, NC

Google Reviews. Google reviews are a great resource to turn to in the contractor selection process. Photos allow you to see other jobs they have completed and other clients’ experiences.

Referrals. Referrals are always a great nudge when it comes to choosing a contractor. Hearing on first account how they have helped another client or how they have made their presence known to others is a good indicator of the positive relationships they have.

Why Have Oak City Remodeling Remodel Your Bathroom?

We Value Professionalism. Oak City Remodeling is a licensed and insured company with construction experts who value excellent craftsmanship, transparent communication, and affordable pricing. Our aim is to show why investing in a high-quality remodel can greatly benefit you and your home in Raleigh, NC. 

We Are Trustworthy. One of the things that our customers love is the feeling of trust they have with us. Letting a contractor into your home and trusting that they will treat it as their own is priceless, and when you choose Oak City Remodeling for your next bathroom remodel, you can expect this experience. 

We Value Quality Work. At Oak City Remodeling, we believe a job should be done right the first time. We focus on the meticulous details that other contractors may overlook. Your bathroom should be a clean and relaxing space with amenities and finishes that are in great shape to last you and your home many years. 


What Makes a High-Quality Bathroom Remodel in Raleigh, NC?

II. Planning and Design

Considering Design-Build for Your Bathroom Remodel

What is Design-Build? Design build is a method of project delivery where instead of having to deal with two separate companies for your project, one that designs the space and one that takes care of the physical build, one company takes care of both. Design-build project deliveries are much more efficient, less costly, and easier to work with. 

Advantages of Design-Build: Hiring a contractor that uses the design-build delivery method allows you to deal with only one point of contact as opposed to two. This makes the remodeling process much quicker and easier. It is also less costly as you won’t have to pay a contractor and a designer separately, but one contractor who offers both services for less. In addition, Design-Build will yield higher-quality results for your bathroom remodel because it is a result of direct collaborative work between you and the contractor only. This makes it easier for the contractor to implement your ideas directly and gather the necessary materials to redesign your bathroom the way you want it designed.


Considering Layout. This is important when it comes to the planning and designing of your bathroom remodel because utilizing the entire space in a way that is functional and efficient will produce a high-quality product. In addition, when remodeling your bathroom, it offers the perfect opportunity to create an open and better-arranged space. 

Considering Use. Considering how the new space is going to be used should be one of the first decisions in the planning and design process. Giving close thought to how the bathroom will be used in the most functional way will contribute to a higher-quality remodel. For example, opting for a niche in the shower will increase shower space, therefore increasing its usability.

Amenities Increase Quality

Examples of Amenities: An amenity is a desirable or useful feature in a space. Some examples of added amenities in a bathroom remodel include a walk-in shower with glass doors, a double vanity, a skylight, and heated floors. 

How Amenities Add Value: A bathroom with desirable amenities is guaranteed to add value to your home and produce a high-quality remodel. Amenities also add great value to your lifestyle by increasing ease and efficiency.

I. Investing in High-Quality Finishes

What is a High-Quality Finish?

Defining a High-Quality Finish. Investing in a high-quality finish includes using materials that are durable and brilliant. A high quality finish will provide a bathroom that is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, which ultimately increases your home’s value.

What Difference Does it Make?

Longevity. A durable and high-quality finish is increasingly resistant to the natural wear-and-tear that a bathroom experiences. This means that your bathroom will last longer than bathrooms with lower-quality finishes. 

Added Value. A bathroom with higher-quality finishes is naturally going to add more monetary value to the space, thus adding more value to the home. Again, higher-quality finishes add extra value to your lifestyle by reducing the amount of upkeep that is necessary over time and contributing to a more relaxing space. This is why investing in a higher-quality remodel brings added benefits.

Where High-Quality Finishes Matter

Examples: Some examples of investing in higher-quality finishes include going with a tiled shower as opposed to a fiberglass shower stall, deciding on reputable brands for your sink and shower faucets, and choosing glass shower doors as opposed to a typical shower curtain. Overall, investing in a higher-quality finish provides a bathroom remodel that is more visually pleasing and worthwhile. 


IV. How We Can Help

Ultimately, there are numerous factors that go into producing a high-quality bathroom remodel. It is important that you choose a contractor who is reliable, trustworthy, and professional to deliver you the bathroom of your dreams. 

Oak City Remodeling is a Raleigh, NC based, licensed and insured remodeling company with construction experts who save you the time of finding subcontractors and the effort of completing the project on your own. We hold ourselves to high standards and only look to put forth high-quality remodel work. Whether you choose to remodel to give your bathroom a refreshing new look or simply want to invest in a higher-quality bathroom, Oak City Remodeling will be there for any of your remodeling needs. When you are ready to rediscover your bathroom, we will be here to help.




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