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Give Your Basement A Refreshed Look With Professional Basement Remodeling Services

Almost every home has a basement. Unluckily, a lot are unfinished, or have been renovated previously by DIY’s and have not been done properly. It is common to see poorly insulated basements with illegal electrical and plumbing work, along with many other deficiencies. Renovating your basement with the same attention to details as the rest of your home by hiring a licensed contractor for basement remodel in Cary NC will add vital functional living space and increase much needed storage and utility areas.

The most common attraction to renovating a basement is adding an additional bathroom. Space is abundant, so large bathrooms can be added with elements perhaps not appropriate in the other bathrooms of the house. No matter it is a large tub, sauna, or walk in shower, it can be a treat and definitely add value to the home on the whole.

There are a lot of other improvements to mull over as well including adding proper sub-flooring, upgrading insulation, lighting, wet bars, built-in cabinetry, laundry rooms, and of course, the open carpet.

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Professional Basement Renovations


Basements may be one of the most overlooked renovations when homeowners first get their homes. But a basement renovation adds to the overall value of the home and is easily renovated - if you have the right renovation team. Oak City Remodeling LLC works on basement renovations throughout the year to provide clients with a basement that is problem-free and effortlessly or productively usable.

Basement Renovations For Your Lifestyle


A large concern for basement renovations is air quality and moisture. Our specialized team for basement remodeling in Cary NC works to get rid of any problems that exist as a result of moisture and work to place solutions that will improve the air quality and moisture levels in the basement.

The designers and foremen at Oak City Remodeling LLC will work abreast with clients to choose products and designs for the basement that suit their lifestyle and needs. This can be anything from new shelving units and fireplaces, to designing additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Once all the preparation work is in place, we finish our renovation in a timely manner and according to the budget agreed upon with clients, so they can start enjoying their reclaimed space.

Quality Basement Renovations To Take Pleasure In

  • With basement designs, do not let the ground level limit the growth of ideas. We have done basement renovations with lounging areas, fully equipped exercise rooms, and even sports themed rooms with walls of memorabilia.

  • Let us build a basement you will not shy away from. No matter if you need a basement renovation in Cary, Morrisville, Garner, Raleigh, or Apex, Oak City Remodeling LLC will create a seamless process that allows you to take pleasure in every last bit of your home!

Basement Renovations To Count On


Finish your basement using a design that lasts with Oak City Remodeling LLC. Our basement remodeling crew makes sure a lasting, beautiful finished basement by focusing on a smooth renovation process: health and safety precautions, sealing, and finishing. We cover every single base, so you do not have to remodel again any time soon.

You Need A Professional Finished Basement

Basements are no longer seen as empty spaces. They are now integral living spaces that have massive importance when determining the value of your home, and handyman-grade finishes do not meet the new expectations of current homebuyers. Fortunately, professional basement remodeling team will help you achieve excellence where others can’t.

Do Not Finish Your Basement Without Our Evaluations

Your health and safety are our priorities. When you hire a specialist team for basement finishing in Cary NC by Oak City Remodeling LLC to help you complete a finished basement, we always start by evaluating your home for any plumbing defects, HVAC issues, and other health or safety issues. We will take care of any repairs and installations prior to we finish basement walls, flooring, and other structures.

  • Trust our team to finish your basement safely. We make sure the removal of mold, damp smells, and airborne particles. Our team also makes sure the basement is up to date on city codes.

  • Transform your basement into a useful living space. We can make finished basements into bedrooms, home theatres, exercise rooms, wine cellars, and even small starter apartments.

  • Add luxurious features to your basement finish. Our team will add heated floors, subfloor panels, and other features to make your basement more comfortable.

  • Describe your interests, budget, and needs to our basement remodeling team during your consultation. We will work abreast with you to document and meet all of your expectations.

Finished Basements

A finished basement allows you to better suit the needs of your family and friends when they need a place to stay or play. Transform either a section of your basement or the entire lower floor into the ultimate guest suite or beautiful living space. Imagine a private, spacious living area that features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area - your family or guests are going to love it!

Long-Term Investment

Renting out the space is a very viable use of the lower level. This can easily offset the costs of the renovation. Once you have paid for the project, you can reallocate the additional money towards house payments or other general expenses. Even though a home improvement project can be expensive, however, it is definitely worth the cost. The average basement remodel project can have up to an 80% return on investment.

Resale Value

A finished basement by the professionals for basement remodeling in Cary helps modernize an older home. Contractors can add contemporary features, drawing in more interest. Trust the process that the money you spend on finishing your basement, will dramatically add to the resale value of your property. Never rule out a wonderful basement remodel as a way of adding exceptional value to your home!